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Lit and Little

The Classic Lit Box

The Classic Lit Box

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Introducing the ultimate gift to nurture, your little one's holistic development - the Classic Lit Box! This one-of-a-kind box is all about connection. It's carefully crafted to help you bond with your little one and for them to explore and understand their world and themselves. The Classic Lit Box guides you to support your child to develop skills across seven domains while cultivating a lifelong a love for learning.

Our Classic Lit Box is curated with three thoughtfully selected books and two engaging toys that are perfect for your baby from birth up to their first year of school. The Classic Lit Box comes with an extensive early literacy book guide. This educational resource is tailored provide insight on how to use the contents of the box to read, talk, sing, play and write during different developmental stages between 0 and 3. This guide empowers parents and caregivers to lead their little one's early literacy journey with confidence. Plus, for every Lit Box purchased, we'll donate a book to a child in need who lacks access to children's books in their home.

Invest in the future and create meaningful connections with the Classic Lit Box - the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.


What are the seven domains?

Literacy Development

Social-Emotional Development

Cognitive Development

Numeracy Development

Scientific Literacy

Language & Communication Development

Physical Development


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